WLUSC firmly believes that each child who wishes to play soccer should be entitled to do so regardless of skill, gender, or financial circumstances. Our club will not deny any child a chance to play soccer due to a financial hardship.

Scholarship Program

To aid parents who may need assistance with registration fees, WLUSC has a scholarship program. We fund this scholarship through a percentage (10%) of our Club's registration fees and a percentage (10%) of our Club's tournament NET profits.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Those seeking a scholarship must explain the nature of the hardship and provide documentation supporting the request.

The following information must be provided to WLUSC Board of Directors:

  • Proof of annual household income: Copy of PAGE ONE from last year's Federal 1040 tax form , and/or an eligibility letter stating benefits from the Family Independence Program, Social Security, a copy of the school district’s free or reduced lunch verification form, or other program.

  • A completed submitted online registration at WLUSC containing all of the player's information (medical, address, etc)

  • A signed contract by the parent(s) assuming financial responsibility for the scholarship and/or remaining balance due if player terminates his/her membership in the Club due to any non-medical reason.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

  1. Complete the scholarship form at the bottom of this page

  2. Once the scholarship form has been submitted to WLUSC, the Board of Directors will review the request.

Terms and Conditions

If the scholarship request is approved, the following terms and conditions will apply:

  1. The scholarship will cover some portion (or all) of the registration fees and/or player development fee

  2. Parent or legal guardian agrees to "repay" the Club through volunteering for Fundraising, Club functions and activities (i.e., helping with tryouts, tournaments, or helping with teams, etc.), if so requested. Details to follow.

  3. A registration form must be completed for the player - providing essential details including address, contact information and medical authorization

  4. You must actively participate on your team for the duration of the year. Early termination (for any non-medical reason or special circumstance subject to Board approval) will result in a violation in the terms of the scholarship and you will be financially responsible for reimbursement to the Club of the full amount originally awarded to you plus remaining balance of fees.