Western Lehigh United Soccer Club is proud to invite you to our 26th Annual Four Game Fall Fest Tournament. The tournament is located PA's Lehigh Valley, with the central location being the beautiful Lehigh County Sports Fields, seconds away from Dorney Park. This tournament is one of the largest Columbus Day Tournaments on the East Coast and is absolutely the best value as teams are guaranteed FOUR GAMES! Open to boys and girls teams.

Registration Opening Soon. Visit our Tournament page to learn more.

Registration is now open to all current WLUSC members. As a club, your players safety and well being is most important. This year posed some new challenges. Learn more about our clubs approach and how this years Summer Camp function.

Learn more about the Camp here

2020 Return to Play Guidelines & Restart

Restart (7/21/2020)

      • These guidelines will provide direction for the immediate re-opening stages upon a county turning Green. The focus for now is on acclimating and reintegrating players, coaches and families. This is a local, club based restart of training players. Due to the restrictions of no contact, no other sanctioned soccer activity such as tryouts, scrimmages or other competition is yet to be approved.

      • The guidance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the Green Phase still engages in mitigation strategies for COVID-19. It is a cautious and gradual re-opening. Most businesses and programs will operate at limited capacity upon entering the Green Phase. We will be no different. As the Governor and Department of Health provide additional information and guidance beyond the initial opening, we too will expand the opportunities for youth soccer

      • Each person must be honest regarding their contact and potential contraction of the virus. Recent reports have shown youth sport coaches and players in other sports in Eastern Pennsylvania have withheld information on their infection, only to spread the virus or cause others to quarantine. No game or practice can be that important. If a person tests positive or has come in contact with someone who did, they must immediately notify organization leadership. The organization must begin to notify the necessary parties. Those exposed should then quarantine for 14 days and consult a doctor regarding testing. Practice and games are not valid reasons to break quarantine and regard for public safety.

      • Restart Guidelines as prepared by EPYSA for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Green Phase

      • Print, sign, and submit your 2020 COMMUNICABLE DISEASE RELEASE to your coach and/or team manager.

      • Comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer, and any additional club directives or requirements.

      • Reinforce directives, polices, and protocols, as necessary with parents and children.

      • As players arrive, inquire about symptoms. If they are ill or appear to be ill, send them home.

      • Stock your medical kit with gloves, extra masks, sanitizer, and facial tissues.

      • Implement social distancing at all times. Each player and their equipment should remain at least six (6) feet from the next player.

      • Mask Requirements

          • PA Mask Wearing Requirements

          • Coaches wear masks at all times.

          • Players may wear masks during training at their discretion. Must wear when not engaged in soccer activity.

      • Only coaches may touch or move equipment. Players do not touch or move equipment.

      • No bodily contact in training.

      • Avoid activities involving lines, maintain social distancing in training (review the US Soccer Grassroots Recommendation Guide under the resources below)

      • Sanitize all equipment after training.

      • Scrimmage vests are not recommended.

      • Minimize interaction with other teams that train before or after you. Emphasize player should go straight to cars.

      • Be positive, fun and engaging. Help the children acclimate and reintegrate.

Please visit the following site for additional information: https://www.epysa.org/return-to-play-protocols-/

The opening of the Green Phase limits the number of participants on a field. Best practices and other professional recommendations are no more than 25 participants per field (both halves) and training in small groups with a ratio of 1 coach per 9 players. Spectators are not recommended as players and coaches come first, but may be required for younger players.


Thank you members for continued support of WLUSC. We look forward to summer training and the start of our fall season. Our Club is committed to the safety of our coaches, players, and families; to make upcoming events possible, we need all coaches, players, and team support (managers and treasurers) to complete the following WLUSC Communicable Diseases Release. Please provide your completed and signed document to your Team Manager and/or Coach, this document should also be uploaded to your team's TeamSnap 'media>files' location.

WLUSC 2020 Fall / 2021 Spring Scholarships

Visit our scholarships page to learn more. Application submission deadline is July 31, 2020.


Wolf administration releases summer camp and recreation guidance

With an understanding of the need for Pennsylvania families to secure child care options this summer, the Wolf Administration today issued frequently asked questions to provide guidance to parents, summer camp operators, public bathing places, part-day school-age programs, and other entities that provide necessary child care and enrichment and recreational activities for children and youth during the summer months.

“We understand the need to secure child care options as parents and caregivers return to work across the state,” Gov. Wolf said. “And for providers of these programs to understand how they may operate. We hope that this guidance helps everyone in need of viable options for their children’s care and recreation this summer and eliminates some of the stress and worry associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting our everyday lives.”

The Pennsylvania Department of Health issued the FAQs that include guidance on:

  • The types of summer programs for children and youth permitted to operate during Gov. Wolf’s phased-in reopening plan.

  • Additional requirements for summer programs operating in counties in yellow and green phases beyond what is required by the CDC guidance for youth programs and camps.

  • The summer programs operating in counties in yellow and green phases that are permitted to operate fully indoor, fully outdoor, or a combination of indoor and outdoor.

  • Group sizes for summer programs that are permitted to operate in counties in the yellow phase.

  • Requirements on staff and youth face-coverings in child care and summer programs permitted to operate in yellow phase counties.

  • Enrollment restrictions on summer programs in counties in yellow or green phase.

  • Status of public playgrounds during the phased reopening.

  • Status of organized team sports during the phased reopening.

  • Operation of public bathing places and community pools during the phased reopening.

  • Operation of camping, campgrounds and group camping separate from organized summer camps for youth.

  • Status of Department of Conservation and Natural Resources facilities during the various phases of reopening.

The FAQs are available here.

The guidance does not apply to public school-operated summer programs or extended school year services. Guidance related to reopening public schools will be released by the Pennsylvania Department of Education later.

We encourage families to stay informed through the following resources:

CDC - Coronavirus Overview

CDC - Frequently Asked Questions

CDC - Travelers Health

WHO - Advice for Coronavirus



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