Agreement Terms:



Through a partnership with St. Luke's, the cost of the  WL kit  will be generously subsidized by St. Luke's.  WL players can expect to pay up to $100.00 for the full mandatory kit.


Numbering Policy

The Club will honor requests for numbers and would like to fulfill as many requests as we can.   Existing WLUSC players automatically retain their numbers from year to year.  

For new players, please include your top 3 numbers in order of preference in your team snap registration. Numbers will be assigned in the order in which they are received, provided they are not already claimed by an existing WLUSC player.  Returning players retain their jersey numbers and have seniority over players that are new to the club.  

For players who have a primary position with one team AND a secondary position with another within our Club, assignments will be made with a carefully selected number such that the same uniform can be used by that player on both teams. Existing players automatically retain their numbers when these number selections are made.

For new goalkeepers, all jerseys will be ordered with a 1.  

For players who move teams, if there is player movement during the year at any time after uniforms have been issued, it is the responsibility of the player that is moving to purchase a new set of jerseys if there is a duplicate number on their new team. 

Return policy

Only shorts and socks can be returned, but you will pay for the return shipping and the exchange shipping. Shorts must have the original tag attached. Sock packaging cannot be opened. For any customized items with a player number or logo, if defective (wrong number, issues with number or logo peeling or falling off, etc.), please contact Ewing Sports. More information on the return policy can be found at the Ewing Sports website. 

 Mandatory Kit Details:

Mandatory Kit is subsidized by our partner, St. Lukes Hospital Network.   

Player Cost under $100.00 after subsidy