"Coaching is taking a player where they can't take themselves"

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2003 - Michael Missmer & Alex Sackey [email]

2004 - Michael Missmer & Nicholas Worthington [email]

2005 - George Crampton & Dave Ervin [email]

2005 - Michael Missmer & Michael Cuchran [email]

2006 - Chris Hain & Dan De Pinho [email]

2007 - Erik Burstein [email]

2008 - George Crampton [email]

2009 - Chris Hain & Anders Isaksson [email]

2011 - Chris Hain [email]

2012 - Dan De Pinho & Zac Cronauer [email]

Futures - Sean Nolan & Chris Hain & Dan DePinho [email]

Micros - Sean Nolan

*Disclaimer: Western Lehigh United Soccer Club reserves the right to shift coaches to accommodate the best interests of the players and Club.

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2020 EDP Soccer Tournament & League Schedule Update

As a result of recent decisions by state governments and soccer governing bodies, EDP Soccer has once again reevaluated and made changes to tournament dates.

Please see the new tournament schedule as of 5-21-20.

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