• WLUSC Tournament Gear is now available through our partner SIMAX Sports, visit our Tournament page for more information about the event.
  • WLUSC has opened registration for both Micro and Futures Fall 2019 Sessions
  • WLUSC Uniform Notes
      • Please visit our Uniform page to learn more about the process and what is provided to your player
      • July 25th WLUSC held the first of two uniform try-on sessions. Starting 7/26/2019 parents of new players began receiving their brand new account login information directly from Ewing Sports. Ordering can then begin.
      • Returning players already have Ewing Sports accounts and can purchase any items year-round at their convenience.
  • WLUSC Uniform Fitting Event 2
      • Friday, August 2nd from 6-7pm Air Products Sports Fields (Coincides with Summer Camp)
  • WLUSC would like to thank Todd Ervin for his commitment, efforts, and time as Direct of Boys Coaching. Todd remains a valued member of the coaching staff at WLUSC and looks forward to a positive and rewarding experience for his teams moving into the 2019 / 2020 season.
  • PIAA Rules Update
      • We receive a reminder today from District XI about the new 10 day rule that was passed last year by the PIAA that goes into effect for all sports. As a reminder, here is what it is:
          1. From 10 days prior to the first practice date until your first scrimmage/game, teams and players may not have contact with any other players from another school in terms of a practice, open gym, open room, scrimmage, or anything of the type.
          2. For HS Football this means July 26th until August 17th
          3. For all other Fall Sports this is August 2nd until your first scrimmage/game
      • In summary, basically that leaves a period of nearly 20-25 days (10 days before the first practice until your first scrimmage/game) in which you may not have contact with any other school's athletes. This includes a team or an individual coming or going to another school for events. Penalty could be a suspension from participation in the post season so it is important that any contact with any schools in terms of off season things or workout not take place during this time period.
  • WLUSC Summer Camp sign-ups are now available, click here
  • WLUSC is proud to present our 25th Annual Four Game Fall Fest Tournament held over Columbus Day Weekend from October 12th to the 13th, 2019. The tournament is located in Lehigh Valley, PA with the central location being the beautiful Lehigh County Sports Fields, minutes away from Dorney Park. This tournament is one of the largest Columbus Day Tournaments on the east coast and is absolutely the best value as teams are guaranteed FOUR GAMES! Boys and Girls teams.

Older news:

  • 4/26/2019 - See our club wide memo on the recent DOC announcement.
  • 4/17/2019 - Our first round of travel soccer tryout sessions have concluded. Thank you to all those players and parents who attended! For anyone still interested, we will host additional tryout sessions.
  • 4/14/2019 pm - Please be aware, due to weather we have modified the tryout date and time for the 2004 (U16) Girls team. It will now be on Tuesday April 16th, and 8:15pm - 9:30pm.
  • 4/14/2019 am - Please be aware, we have modified the tryout date and time for the 2004 (U16) Boys team. It will now be on Wednesday April 17th, and 7:00pm - 8:15pm.
  • 4/9/2019 - *NEW* important information posted regarding tryouts. Read now. Download PDF of tryout schedule
  • 3/27/2019 - Club Meeting and Yearly Presentation (7:45pm Iron Lakes Banquet Hall)
      • Club presentation is now available below
  • 3/2/2019 - ID Session registration now open | 2019 Fall / 2020 Spring Season
  • 2/22/2019 - Micro Academy registration now open | 2019 Spring Season
  • 2/22/2019 - Futures Academy registration now open | 2019 Spring Season


2019 - WLUSC Open House

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