All Western Lehigh United Coaches/Trainers/Team Managers/Volunteers must submit the following clearances per PA ACT 153 Child Protective Law:

Document required by WLUSC:

      1. PA Child Abuse History Clearance for all PAID Coaches/Trainers/Staff and for all Volunteers: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
      2. PA State Police Criminal Record Check for all PAID Coaches/Trainers/Staff and for all Volunteers: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
      3. FBI Criminal Background Check for all PAID Coaches. Also for Volunteers/Team Managers who have not lived in Pennsylvania for 10 continuous years CLICK HERE TO ACCESS:
          • Paid Coaches please use Service Code: 1KG756
          • Volunteers please use Service Code: 1KG6ZJ
      4. Disclosure Statement for Volunteers for Volunteer Coaches and Team Managers who have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 continuous years: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS
      5. Disclosure Statement for Employment for all PAID Coaches/Trainers/Staff: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

Upon completion, forward all documents to:


      • FBI, PA Criminal Record, PA Child Abuse are good for 5 years. If you have current clearances on file with the club, you are in good standing.
      • Employment and/or Volunteer Disclosures must be done every year.

Staff and Independent Contractor Coaches must also complete a W9 Form:

Complete and sign a W9 each year, CLICK HERE TO ACCESS. W9 to be sent to

PA ACT 101 | Concussions and traumatic brain injuries notice:

The Pennsylvania General Assembly, in 2012, passed the Safety in Youth Sports Act to help prevent the growing number of youth concussions and severe brain injuries among student athletes.

Coaches are often times the first line of defense in recognizing youth concussion symptoms, the law offers concussion safety tips and guidelines for managing these injuries. It also sets clear treatment standards student athletes must follow before returning to play.

A Combined Effort in Preventing and Managing Concussions

The Safety in Youth Sports Act — combined with the efforts of players, parents, coaches, and health professionals — looks to prevent serious head injuries and raise awareness of how to deal with youth concussions.

The law requires that coaches must promptly remove any student athlete suspected of a concussion from the game.

The athlete cannot return to play until cleared in writing by a health professional trained in diagnosing and managing concussions.

For those who do not follow these safety standards outlined in the youth concussion act, the law sets the following penalties:

      • First offense = suspension from coaching any athletic activity for the remainder of the season.
      • Second offense = suspension from coaching for the remainder of the season, as well as the next season.
      • Third offense = permanent ban for life from any coaching activity.

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