EDP League

EDP League rules are posted at the below link, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with all of the rules.


For help with the information below, you can visit https://www.edpsoccer.com/page/show/4376518-edp-league-support


Home Teams should be communicating with their referee assignor to get your games scheduled. It is the home team's responsibility to supply referees for home games. Please confirm with the assignor that games are set for the weekend.

Game Day Procedures:

Each team is responsible for bringing the following to all games:

1. Official US Youth Soccer Roster

2. US Youth Soccer Player Passes.

3. Game Card (taken from Gotsoccer) - Please make sure this is update to date with all player information including pass number.

4. Referee Fees - posted on game card-teams split fees.

Reporting Scores:

Game scores must be submitted by midnight of the play date; scores can be submitted through GotSoccer or by phone. All of the information for calling in the score can be found on the game card.

GotSoccer Score Reporting: https://www.gotsport.com/events/scoring/ and entering the codes below:

Event ID: 73629

Pin #: 6655

*Info is on the Game Card as well

*If you get an error message it means your opponent has reported the score already so please check the public view of the game to confirm the score is accurate.

Weather and Game Cancellations:

If your game is cancelled on a weekend due to weather or any other reason, please make sure the following steps are taken:

-The opposing team is notified ASAP by phone and email

-The referee assignor is notified ASAP

-The facility is notified if needed

-Report Game as Rained out in the system by logging into your GotSoccer account and clicking on the event and schedule.


- There is a grace period of 30 minutes for unforeseen incidents on a Game day, such as no player passes, no carded coach, no referee, etc...

If there is no Referees:

-Play with a designated ref or parent.

-Both teams must approve the individual used for refereeing.

-If teams decide to play the game as a friendly, both teams must send notification to the league prior to kickoff.

-The default position of the league is if the game is played the result stands.

-If the game is not played it will be rescheduled and the home team will travel to the opposing team.

*Please make sure you are keeping the referees in mind when changing games, as they are assigned in advanced, and even a small change can lead to referee issues

**A one referee system will suffice for 11U-12U games, though a three referee system may be assigned when available. A three-referee system is preferred for all 13U-19U games.

- Please keep in mind that the weather in your area may be different then the weather in your opponent's area, and keep the safety of the traveling families in mind when coming to a weather related decision.

- If you need to flip who is the home and away team in a game, please contact the league as that change needs to be made by a League Administrator

Social Media:

For anyone that will be posting media, please include us by tagging @edpsoccer or using the hashtags #edpsoccer and #edpleague