High School Aged Tryouts

WLUSC 2021/22 : High School Aged Tryouts

Players First

Parents and Players, don’t be pressured into an ID Session, Kick Around, or Early Tryout!

Learn more about the EPYSA Tryout Initiative gaining momentum as WLUSC and other club leaders come together to combat undue tryout pressure on players during a soccer season.


WLUSC will not hold tryouts, in any form with the intent of forming a team to play in the Fall 2021 and following Spring 2022 soccer seasons prior to April 12, 2021 (as revised by EPYSA). WLUSC wants our youth players to develop through the entire soccer year without added pressure solicited by the adults of our club or any club.


Tryout Information

Thank you for showing your interest and desire to join our WLUSC family. For over 32 years, Western Lehigh United Soccer Club has been providing soccer education, coaching, training, and a competitive playing environment for the youth in our community.

We eliminated our tryout fee for highschool aged players to help with spending during these difficult times. If you are interested in joining one of the teams below, please reach out to the appropriate WLUSC coach via the links below. They will contact you directly to provide you training times and locations. You may also complete the interest form shown below.


2002 Girls - Michael Missmer & Nicholas Worthington [email]

2003 Girls - Michael Missmer & Alex Sackey [email]

2004 Girls - Michael Missmer & Alex Sackey [email]

2005 Girls
- George Crampton & Dave Ervin [email]

2005 Girls - Michael Missmer & Michael Cuchran [email]

2006 Girls
- Anna-Kate DePaolo & Morgan Morocco [email]

2006 Girls - Chris Hain and Dan De Pinho [email]
*NEW* Prospective 2006 Players come meet us on April 16 and 23 @ 6-7:30pm!


2004 Boys - Tyler Nolan & John Kilduff [email]

2003 Boys - Tyler Nolan & John Kilduff [email]

2002 Boys - Tyler Nolan & John Kilduff [email]


To learn more about the club registration, yearly fees and the schedule of payment, please visit our Cost Breakdown page.

It is highly recommended you review our 2020 Club Overview presentation to understand the commitment you are making, the associated costs (and where that money is spent), and WLUSC's commitment to you and your child. Our registration fees are non-refundable.