Things to know:

1. Please park your car and THEN visit the gold tent (located near to the food trucks on the site map) to get your volunteer assignment. Please arrive at the tent at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your shift.

2. You will need a volunteer badge that must be checked out at the start of your shift and checked back in at the end of your shift. For anyone volunteering for back-to-back shifts, keep your badge until check-out. For anyone volunteering more than one shift that are not continuous, please return your badge between shifts. We have a limited number that we need to track.

3. Make sure that your check-in and check-out times are logged at the gold tent so that your team receives proper credit of your volunteer hours.

4. All volunteers must be ages 13 and up. Only volunteers over the age of 18 will be permitted to utilize available golf carts.

5. There will be several food truck and vendor options, breakfast through dinner.

Main Tasks:


    • Align cars in high volume parking area
    • Don't allow cars to park in no parking zones (see field maps)
    • Direct cars with handicapped placards to designated areas

Trash & Clean-up

    • Make 3 rounds per shift, to each can
    • Collect any garbage left behind on grassy areas
    • Check portable toilets and surrounding areas

Field Marshal

    • Monitor more than one field at a time
    • Ensure game balls are left behind after one game to be used for the next game
    • Report injuries directly to St. Luke's trainers tents (see field maps)
    • Collect score cards
    • Bring a chair

Contact information:

Please TXT and provide you full name when communicating

    • Joe Levan | Tournament Coorinator | 484-678-1432
    • Joe Buysse | General Onsite Information | 610-570-9801
    • Anita Ghatak | Volunteer Registration and Placement | 917-488-3169

Help us make this years 26th Annual Fall Fast the best yet. Volunteering is a great way to ensure everyone has a good time and continues to keep costs down. This is also a great way for your young adults to earn some volunteering hours. We welcome the help of anyone ages 13 and up. Please click on the Sign Up link below, or the Western Lehigh Fall Classic Logo to be redirected to our SignUp Genius site.

Have questions? Need answers? Visit our Club's Frequently Asked Questions page for more information, click here.