Official Photo Provider: TeamPhoto

We are looking forward to capturing great photo & video memories of your Western Lehigh 2020 Fall Fest experience!

TeamPhoto LLC offers the best sports action shots around, for extremely affordable prices. Our high-resolution photos are super crisp and shot with deep zoom lenses to capture close ups from far distances. These will be sent to you digitally via our patent-pending app and website on a private account. You can download all digital(s), share, customize, and print them yourself at home or with your favorite third-party printing service. Alternately, you can order from our wide selection of affordable print products from our app/site if you like what you see!

We also offer HD video recording and live streaming. We’ll be recording & live streaming many games on Youtube so others can watch live from anywhere else in the world or watch later at any point in the future! These videos are also fantastic tools for coaches & players to use to review together and learn!

Please sign up for a slot if you are interested in any of our services. Feel free to email us if you have any questions, as well.

Once you schedule a slot on this sign-up genius, please reach out to us via email so we can make initial contact & discuss payment which can be online or over the phone.

Here are the rates & services we are offering for the tournament:


100s of action shots of your entire team during a single game. Group photos of the team will also be taken before or after the game, whichever works best for your schedule.


Live stream your game to anyone who cannot attend in person. The HD recording also will remain on Youtube forever to watch an anytime in the future. This is a fantastic tool for coaches and players to use to review for learning purposes, as well.

All payments will be due in full no later than Oct 1, 2020, approximately 2 weeks before the tournament. We need to secure the payments in order to schedule a large number of members from our team that will be working at many different locations on many different fields simultaneously.

We will return all payments in full if you decide to cancel, as long as this is requested no later than Oct 5, 2020. We will of course return all payments if any games are cancelled due to weather, COVID-19 government mandated changes, or any other circumstances outside of your control.

We are looking forward to working with your team! Thank you!

Kevin Frank – Owner

TeamPhoto LLC

Have questions? Need answers? Visit our Club's Frequently Asked Questions page for more information, click here.