Western Lehigh United is committed to supporting our participants, referees, and staff through the incorporation of safety precautions and crowd mitigation. By taking these precautions our goal is to provide a safe tournament experience for the players, coaches, officials, and families while eliminating any unnecessary risk.

Western Lehigh United Action Plan

(Specific to Columbus Day Event)

Crowd Management and Mitigation Practices

  • Accurately assign number of teams/divisions based on facility size and layout

  • Limiting spectators, 1 spectator per participant mandate

Scheduling and Operational Adjusted Practices

  • Create game schedules that allow proper spacing to reduce number of participants on-site

  • Create spacing in schedule to allow teams to completely leave bench area and field prior to next teams arriving

Enhanced Sanitizing and Safety Protocols

  • Provide staff with PPE as needed

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing of rest rooms, porta johns, common areas, etc.- This will take place throughout the event

  • Increase signage and messaging to inform participants

  • Enhanced pre-event training for staff to maintain safety

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be strategically placed throughout the facility

  • Water or hydration areas will not be provided by the tournament

Tournament Game Adjusted Practices

  • No post game handshakes

  • No spitting will be allowed on field, sidelines, etc.

  • Referee will sanitize soccer ball before each game

  • Coaches will retain player passes, they will not be checked by officials prior to the match but must be available if requested

  • Teams must wait until field and bench area is emptied prior to entering for next scheduled match

  • Team benches will not be provided.

General Health and Safety Protocols

  • Western Lehigh United in cooperation with APL Tournaments will provide specific and detailed pre-event communication through email or other form of electronic communication

  • Western Lehigh United will require all staff, players, coaches, managers, and match officials to submit a COVID waiver in order to participate in the event

  • Western Lehigh United will have a planned response and plan in place of a reported Covid-19 infection

  • Award ceremonies and team pictures will not be presented on-site, awards will be provided directly to the team coach via mail post-event

  • All participants, spectators, etc. are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer, PPE, etc.

Guidelines and Protocols for All On-Site During Event

Western Lehigh United and Event Staff

  • All event staff will wear face coverings when in a situation where social distancing is not an available option.

  • Anyone symptomatic individual is to stay home, each staff will be required to have temperature taken upon arrival

Players and Coaches

  • Players and coach that are displaying symptoms are prohibited from attending

  • Players are to adhere to social distancing rules when not playing in the game

  • Players are required to wear face coverings at all times when not warming up or playing

  • Coaches are required to wear face coverings at all times during the match.

  • Do not share water bottles, food, etc.

  • Sanitize hands after leaving the field and between each game

  • Players and coaches are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer


  • Spectators will be separated in clearly marked areas to comply with social distancing

  • Spectators are required to wear face when on-site at all facilities

  • Anyone displaying symptoms is prohibited from attending

  • Restrictions on number of spectators will be in place for this event, 1 spectator per participant mandate

  • Spectators are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer


  • Referees are required to wear face coverings when not on the field officiating

  • Soccer balls will be disinfected by referees before each game


  • Permitted vendors will be spaced out and adhere to social distancing policies at facilities where there is proper space to operate.


The tournament director, members of the tournament committee, the host soccer club, its members and board of directors, any participating associations, colleges, advertisers, school districts and recreation departments, and related municipalities will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team, player, or spectator nor will they be held liable for any injury of any player, coach, or spectator that may result from the participation in, or travel to and from the tournament. Each team will be responsible for its own medical and liability insurance.

The tournament director or site director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the conduct and administration of the tournament and their judgment shall be deemed as final.

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