The benefits of fundraising

Fundraising provides WLUSC with supplemental funds to enhance our Club's offerings and to provide new opportunities for our players. Aside from the money, there are several other reasons WLUSC encourages fundraisers.

Team building

Fundraising efforts bring players, teams, and parents closer together, helping them get to know each other better and break down any existing barriers between different teams or cliques. On a lower level, the more opportunities we can provide for team players to socialize, form bonds, and grow closer, the greater the likelihood of increased simpatico on the field and possibly better performance. Fundraising allows our WLUSC family to come together and work towards a goal.


Hosting a fundraiser means WLUSC will have to publicize, spreading the word about our Club and our positive forward movement. Fundraising therefore automatically creates heightened community awareness of WLUSC. In order to promote each fundraiser, teams should be putting up posters and distributing flyers around the Lehigh Valley, making announcements at local team events, and posting to our website and social media.

That “You done good, kid” feeling

While money, team building, and promotion are nice, these should not be the only reasons for the cause. There should be a high-level global goal (which may need funding to get off the ground) that serves a bigger purpose. In our case, we aspire to build a true home for WLUSC. This would include true home fields, club meeting space, and associated facilities. Become part of the solution.

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