General questions

This page is being updated regularly. Check back for more helpful information in the near future.

1. Do we get to pick our jersey number or does the Club assign one to us?

You pick your own number. We want to fulfill as many requests as we can. If your Coach or Team Manager has not yet asked for this information, please reach out to them and list your top three numbers (in order of preference) so that they can try to match your son/daughter with the desired number. Returning players typically retain their numbers so some numbers may already be claimed.

2. Who places the order?

You (the parent) will receive an invitation directly from Ewing Sports to log in to your account. You will place the order and your order will be shipped directly to you. Team managers are not involved in the purchasing, delivery, or distribution of these orders.

3. Which items are customized with the player number?

All jerseys, the warm-up jacket, and the warm-up pants will have the player number on them. No names.

Shorts and socks are not customized.

4. I see there is a practice jersey #1 and practice jersey #2 on the ordering form? What does this mean?

The separation of the two jerseys on the ordering form offers the flexibility to select two different sizes of practice jerseys. This option was created for parents to select one jersey for the immediate future and one for their child's potential growth. In other words, you could order a Youth Large for now and a Youth XL for next year.

5. I don't think my son/daughter needs the warm-up jacket or pants. Must I buy them?

All the uniform components listed on our website are required and standard in your kit and are fixed, but free of charge (your previously paid registration fees covers the cost of the uniforms). You cannot edit the items in the kit. You won't pay anything at checkout unless you decide to add optional items, e.g., backpack, ball, extra socks, etc., to your cart.

6. After my order arrives, if something doesn't fit, can I exchange it?

Only shorts and socks can be returned, but you will pay for the return shipping and the exchange shipping. Shorts must have the original tag attached. Sock packaging cannot be opened. For any customized items with a player number or logo, if defective (wrong number, issues with number or logo peeling or falling off, etc.), please contact Ewing Sports. More information on the return policy can be found at the Ewing Sports website.

Sizing Information

1. There are so many sizes listed for socks on the handout I received at the sizing event, how do I choose a size?

The Nike Classic II Sock will be offered in Men's S, M, L only. The Nike sizing guide is shown here for your convenience.

Nike Sock size guide:Small: Women’s 4-6 Shoe Size, Kids’ 3Y-5Y Shoe SizeMedium: Men’s 6-8 Shoe Size, Women’s 6-10 Shoe Size, Kids’ 5Y-7Y Shoe SizeLarge: Men’s 8-12 Shoe Size, Women’s 10-13 Shoe Size


  1. Keeper jerseys are only available in Adult and Youth sizes. Women's cuts are not available.
  2. My son/daughter is a goalie. Where is the goalie kit on the Ewing website?

The goalie kit is not available on the website. Goalies will receive the standard field player kit plus 2 goalie long-sleeved jerseys (red and green). Your coach or team manager must pass along the goalie's name to our Uniform Coordinator who will place the order on your behalf. These will be issued to you directly by your coach or team manager in person (no additional expense or shipping required).