Open Board Positions

Fields Coordinator

Responsibilities Include:

  • Manager of available Fields

  • Manager of Fields storage facility and supplies

  • Maintain inventory levels of coaching, referee, first aid, and field supplies for travel and recreation programs

  • Facilitate ordering of new supplies and equipment such as goals, nets, and other major field related items for travel and recreation programs (once approved by the board)

  • Responsible for or organizing others in preparing equipment and distribution of equipment at the beginning of their spring season, as well as, installing goals and nets as necessary at fields the club uses. Then responsible for or organizing others to bring equipment back in to storage at the end of their fall season and removing goals and nets as necessary from fields the club uses.

  • Ensure maintenance of fields, through communication with the country officials

  • Maintain document describing the inventory of outdoor fields available

  • Maintain maps of field locations and driving directions to the fields

  • Plan and allocate, or work with other Board members to plan and allocate field space to travel teams – including indoor gym time, indoor turf time, outdoor practice time

  • Work with coaches in organizing the club’s travel league game schedule, allocating fields for such and resolving conflicts.

  • Communicate with owners of fields utilized by the club and ensure issues that arise are addressed